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    Double-Side Tape for Tape Hair.

    Pieces : 36 Pieces
    Width : 4 cm
    Height : 0.8 cm

    When washing the hair we recommend never to use hot water it is best to use lukewarm to cold water. Before washing the hair it is best to completely detangle your hair (by doing this you avoid the hair becoming tangled while washing) the hair must be kept clean, so washing once or twice a week is advised. Hair that is washed excessively tends to dry out the hair.

    To detangle hair we suggest that a Paddle brush or Wet brush is used (these brushes are gentle on the hair) after you have detangled the hair we suggest using a sulfate free based shampoo (these shampoos contain no alcohol, which helps retain moisture). Gently wash the hair in sections, avoid swishing or swirling the hair like we do to our own this will only cause it to tangle. After you apply shampoo make sure you rinse it thoroughly, apply conditioner (helps keep moisture) leave it in for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

    Once you have finished this process gently remove any excess water before laying them flat onto a dry towel. It is recommended to apply a good quality conditioning treatment on the hair such as, a serum or leave-in conditioner (spray form is best for straight hair, cream form for curly hair). Then allow hair to dry naturally. When hair is completely dry, brush extensions starting from the bottom working your way up towards the weft (reduces hair from breakage and split-ends).

    When swimming, it is best to wear a swim cap this prevents your extensions from the exposure of the salt water or chlorine which will cause hair to tangle. If you choose to not wear a cap make two loose braids before swimming (hair must be brushed out before). After swimming make sure you immediately wash your hair and deep condition it will be lacking moisture due to the salt and chlorine water. If your extensions accumulate excessive build up from products and dirt the hair tangles. To remove the buildup we suggest using a clarifying shampoo (strips the hair back to its natural PH) and a deep condition afterwards.

    When going to sleep make sure the hair is completely dry, You NEVER want to sleep on wet hair. Brush out the hair, create a big braid and place it in a satin cap/scarf while sleeping.

    Remember clean and moisturized hair is crucial when having extensions.

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